martedì 21 dicembre 2010


in uno dei miei viaggi tra le boutique on line mi imbatto in un angolo di paradiso chiamato OLIVESHOPPE e la mia attenzione viene immediatamente attratta dalle opere di EK THONGPRASERT.
Progetto nato dalla collaborazione tra la stilista architetto Ek Thongprasert e la jewellery designer Noon Passama. Le due si incontrano in Thailandia dove si diplomano e studiano, per poi finire la propria formazione ad Anversa.
Nelle loro creazioni c'è tutta la loro storia: un mix di etnico e concettualità che le rende oggetti fuori dal tempo.
I gioielli sono a mio parere perfetti, gli abiti si ispirano agli origami giapponesi.
lascio parlare le immagini ..e i colori...

in one of my trips between the online stores I run into a corner of paradise called OLIVESHOPPE and my attention is immediately attracted by the work of EK Thongprasert.
The Projectis a collaboration between the designer and architect Ek Thongprasert and the jewelery designer Noon Passama. The two meet in Thailand, where graduate and studying, before finishing their training in Antwerp.
In their creations there throughout their history: a mix of ethnic objects and concepts that makes them timeless.
The jewels are perfect in my opinion, the clothes are inspired by Japanese origami.
I let the pictures speak .. and the colors ...

7 commenti:

  1. più che collane, innovazione pura

  2. the collection is so unique.
    the top in the last picture is just perfect!

  3. Love love the jewelry!!! love how neon and rainbow and how they would make any outfit POP!!!!
    Happpy Holidays!!
    Big kiss,
    xoox Beckerman Girls

  4. This collection is so neat! I've ever seen anything like it! Thanks for posting!! I'll have to check this out! Love it! And love your blog! Definitely following! I would love it if you would follow mine as well!

    Love from,

  5. These are some fun and funky necklaces! I love all the neon and the unusual shapes and the long length! Cool!

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