martedì 28 dicembre 2010

romantic warrior

non amo particolarmente Sass & Bide come marchio, soprattutto i prezzi elevati rispetto al prodotto offerto...eccezione: questo top dal colore perfettamente romantico e dal tocco strong delle borchie trasparenti. Lo vedo bene su un paio di leggings in pelle. Mi piace!

I do not particularly like the brand Sass & Bide, especially the high prices compared to products offered ... except: this top of the color perfectly romantic and with the strong touch of the transparent studs. I see it on a good pair of leather leggings. I like it!

7 commenti:

  1. I love the top and headband! It's very tough but super feminine at the same time. <3

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  3. omg i love the top!!!!!!!i love spikes actually:) check out my blog and you might like it:)xxxx

  4. Love the top!! I need to get my hands on that!! Great blog:)

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    Happy New year

  5. belle qste foto!
    grazie x il tuo commento e ovviamente ti seguo ank io!!!
    un bacio..

  6. wow this dress is very interesting in its shape and design!
    thank you so much for following my blog! ;D yours is pretty cool too!
    have a good start into the week!
    xoxo Nini

  7. Wow, That top is too gorgeous!
    Great post!

    Meda from